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Dine-in Afternoon Tea

Monthly Prix fixe Menu

$38 plus 7% meals tax

$35 pp [+ tax] when using our online pre-pay option

Friends, there is no need to order anything

except your pot of Tea, as each guest receives

the menu shown.  Please note: 

we do not split meals or offer only pots of tea.

Two Scones

sweet scone

Nov:  gingerbread with lemon glaze

Dec:  peppermint

with jam and English clotted cream

savory scone:

and a cheddar and chive savory scone

Four Tea Sandwiches

[changes to the menu require three business days notice]

seedless cucumber with chive, onion and garlic

cream cheese and a bit of feta x 2

chicken salad with apricot jam, white raisins x 1

sammie of the month x 1:

Nov:  our famous thanksgiving dinner tea sandwich

(turkey and stuffing w mayo & cranberry orange chutney)

Dec:  roast beef with boursin/mayo spread and fig jam

Three Mini Desserts


shot glass

Nov:  apple caramel mousse

Dec:  eggnog mousse


flavor of the day

bite sized cupcake

chef's selection of either red velvet or

christmas sugar cookie

Pot of Tea*

your choice of Tea

*each guest receives their own pot, and we have so many amazing teas to choose from!  you'll receive a printed menu showing our current faves, but you can always order from the full list (100+)

For ease of viewing the full list, we suggest reviewing it

in advance of your teatime.

Optional Additional Items

with 24 hours notice please:

  • raspberry rose unicorn macarons and teddy bear chocolate fudge macarons! = $4 ea + meals tax

  • chocolate teacup dessert topped with a mini mac, for birthday, retirement, anniversary etc. (cake flavors may vary) = $6 + meals tax


Optional Adult Beverage

Add $6 - $10 plus 7% alcohol tax

How we make great Tea:
we make each pot of Tea with spring water, and a generous amount of leaves.  But most importantly, we remove the leaves at the proper time, before the pot is delivered to your table, to ensure your Tea will not become bitter from over-steeping.  Not many tea houses or restaurants do this, and for this reason, they are able to deliver tea to your table more quickly.  Unfortunately, the quality of the cup, suffers.  We think a proper cup is worth a few minutes wait. :)

changes to the menu require three business days notice
and cannot be accommodated same-day

The Fine Print:  Pls inform your server if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy.  We cannot accommodate severe food allergies of any kind. Pls see our policy page for more info re food allergies.  We do not offer dairy-free, egg-free or vegan afternoon tea.  Because mayo and onion powder are in many of our foods, requests for no mayo or no onion, will incur an additional charge.  We never serve seafood.  Please no outside food or cake.  Celebrating a bday? Ask about our chocolate teacup bday dessert (24 hours notice needed).  We do not serve milk by-the-glass, juice or coffee (although we do have teas that are blended with coffee).  Our menu is predetermined, and as a result, special dietary requests (for example: requesting vegetarian or GF sammies, no chocolate, etc) require 3 business days notice.  While we can prepare GF, we cannot accommodate severe gluten allergies or ppl with celiac.  Certain dietary requests may incur an additional charge.  Substitutions of any item on the menu may occur without notice.  Toward the end of the month, we often begin serving the new month's flavours.  Pls order adult beverages, if any, during the first half of your sitting.  Afternoon Tea is a set package and the cost remains the same with or without a pot of Tea.  We do not split afternoon tea meals.  If you are pregnant, nursing or have a health condition, we cannot advise you on which teas/herbals to avoid; pls consult a physician.  Consumer Advisory Notice:  consuming raw or under cooked meat, poultry, dairy or seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness and pose a risk to your health.  Please see all of our policies including helpful information about teatime here:  policy page.

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